Professionalism Is for Everyone

Is for Everyone


Five Keys to Being a True Professional

  • ISBN: 1-887570-05-5
  • 19th Printing 80 pages softbound 5” x 7¼”
  • This is a powerful little book that teaches and inspires professional behavior. Great gift for graduates and new hires.

Product Description

In 2001, we published what is our most-popular resource, Professionalism Is for Everyone along with the accompanying “Train-the-Facilitator” tools and resources program used for organizational implementation.

Since then, both individuals and organizations (from multi-national corporations and boutique entrepreneurial businesses, to government agencies at all levels, and organizations such as educational, financial, manufacturing, travel, and healthcare institutions) have invested in their future by reading, and re-reading, this little guidebook.

The book describes in everyday language what it means to be a professional and why being a professional is the best choice to make for lifetime success and happiness.

Pick up tips for polishing professionalism skills and behaviors. Get ideas on how to polish personal excellence. Also learn how to inspire professionalism in others and give them the tools and information they need to grow and advance in their careers.

This book will:

  • Explain what it means to be a professional
  • Teach why being a professional is important for personal growth and success
  • Show you what to do, and not do, to behave in a professional manner
  • Promote respect, loyalty, teamwork, discipline, integrity, and trust
  • Motivate you to raise your standards, values, and expectations
  • Provide a reference guide and simple framework for teaching others what professionalism means and addressing behaviors or attitudes that may not be professional

“This Book teaches Lifetime Skills everyone should know and apply”