The Anacondas in Life

The Anacondas in Life


How to Defeat the Obstacles That Hold You Back
from Your Dreams and Your Potential

ISBN: 1-887570-12-8
90 pages softbound 5” x 7¼”
This little book can change your life. It contains a simple and powerful message for living a happier and more successful life.



Product Description
To achieve your dreams and potential you must learn how to recognize and defeat the obstacles that hold you back.

This book describes the 6 Anacondas in Life (the things that have a grip on you and are holding you back) and explains how to defeat or avoid them so you can attain the joy, success, and happiness that you seek and deserve.

The book describes each Anaconda and how to recognize it and overcome its power. Four overall strategies for living a happy and successful life are also included … along with plenty of examples, tips, stories, and shorts lists of Dos and Don’ts.


This book will:

  • Explain the obstacles that are holding you back from pursuing your dreams and potential
  • Teach you how to overcome negativity and negative people
  • Teach you how to overcome those obstacles
  • Help you appreciate your capacity for greatness
  • Inspire you to imagine and pursue big dreams
  • Show you how to stay positive
  • Motivate you to take charge of your life and become all you can