DNA Leadership through Goal-Driven Management

DNA Leadership through Goal-Driven Management


ISBN: 1-887570-00-4 , 420 pages hardbound 6” x 9”
DNA Leadership through Goal-Driven Management presents a comprehensive method and reference guide for setting and achieving business goals. There is no other book we are aware of that provides such a complete system, so much information, and so many examples, tips, and ideas for guidance and implementation.



Product Description
Part One presents DNA Leadership, an approach for leading others by getting buy-in to goals and visions of success.

Part Two presents Five Keys to Goal-Driven Management (G-O-A-L-S) along with examples, action steps, and implementation suggestions. This is a complete methodology for setting and achieving goals.

Part Three provides several lists of myths, success strategies, executive ideas, and short tips for achieving goals.

The book also includes MOSAIC Mastery®, a unique and powerful method for setting and achieving performance metrics.

Great for use by individuals, teams, and organizations