The Gift of GOALS Motivation Ideas Week-by-Week

The Gift of GOALS Motivation Ideas Week-by-Week


Wisdom, Insights, and Strategies Week-By-Week

ISBN: 1-887570-23-3
52 pages… an inspiring gift spiral bound



Product Description
52 Key Concepts that Will Motivate You and Help You Achieve Your Goals

The Gift of GOALS-Wisdom, Insights, and Strategies Week-By-Week summarizes 52 great ideas, concepts, and techniques for setting and achieving your goals. Each idea is presented on a single page. This book will inspire you to pursue your goals and show you how to achieve them. NOT A CALENDAR … so you can “start” working on your goals at any time of the year.

This compact book is a great motivator for setting and pursuing goals that will help you grow and fulfill your potential. The pages are filled with sound advice for achieving your goals and provide great reminders to encourage you onwards.