Great Graduation Gift – 4-Book Set

Great Graduation Gift – 4-Book Set


One copy of each book listed below.
This 4-book set makes an ideal gift for graduates.

Includes NEW Book, LIFE SKILLS FOR STUDENTS – for College and High School Students



Product Description
This four-book gift set is ideal for the student graduating College or High School. It includes our very latest book,LIFE SKILLS FOR STUDENTS , a book written specifically for such students. The book defines, describes and discusses, in language appropriate for the student audience, the five most important Life Skills to prepare them for the workplace and to become highly productive, contributing members of society.

The gift set also includes a copy of our Time Management book, It’s About TIME!, as well as The Anacondas in Life, our unique book about overcoming the obstacles and hurdles that often hold back a student from achieving their true potential. The fourth book included in the Graduation Bundle is ABCs for Life, a very popular book setting out 26 principles for Success and Happiness.