It’s About TIME!

It’s About TIME!


5 Steps to True Time Management

ISBN: 1-887570-09-8
120 pages softbound 5” x 7¼”
This is a popular book in our Keep It Simple for Success® series. The book contains a complete system for managing time and being effective plus plenty of tips, techniques, examples, and tools.



Product Description
By just using three magic pieces of paper you can get in control of your time and your life.

There are no extras/add-ons to purchase. This book outlines an easy-to-understand system for setting priorities and managing time.

These 5 Steps can help anyone at any level get control of their time and get control of their life, improving their effectiveness and the results they achieve.

This book will:

  • Show you how to make choices and set goals
  • Provide guidance for mapping out your week
  • Teach you how to work smarter, not harder

“If you want a simple, easy-to-apply approach for getting things done and putting balance in your life, this book is for you.”