What You are Looking for May be Nearer Than You Think

What you are Looking for May be Nearer Than You Think

Many years ago when I was living in Kenya in East Africa, I drove my wife and three young children on a safari in one of the many beautiful game parks. At that point, we had been living in Kenya for about three years. Therefore we had some familiarity with driving through game parks, the wild life that can be encountered, and the care and caution that needed to be observed.

On this particular occasion, we had seen vultures circling. This is often a sign that a lion or cheetah has made a kill in the area and is feeding on the carcass of the dead animal. Because of this, I drove off the dirt road and into the bush in search of lions or cheetahs.

When we did eventually find the “kill” (the dead animal) there were no lions or cheetahs to be found. They had left. All that remained were the vultures feeding on the carcass of the dead wildebeest.

I, therefore drove-off to try to find theses wild but majestic creatures. After searching extensively for some time without success, I stopped the car and announced to my wife and children that I was going to get out and look around on foot for the lions or cheetahs.

What a mistake!

Not more than four steps from the car, I nearly stood on a lioness. She was asleep. She had obviously filled her belly with the meat of the wildebeest she had killed for her dinner. I was extremely lucky that I did not tread on her and become her dessert.

It was very foolish of me to have gotten out of the car. That was a lesson in itself. However, on top of that, the experience ultimately made me realize that when we really want something: when we are desperately looking all over the place for it – whether it is the solution to a problem, a new career, true love, or even God – quite often what we are looking for is right in front of us. We are just looking too intently to realize that it is in front of our noses – or in my case one foot in front of me lying on the ground.

It was certainly nearer than I thought!