Beware of “Dream Snatchers”

Beware – Could a “Dream Snatcher” Be Holding You Back From Achieving Your True Potential?

If you want to achieve your true potential it is important to first recognize whether or not there are any negative people who are responsible for holding you back. Ask yourself if there are people who have said things to you in the past or who are currently telling you things that make you doubt your own self-worth or ability. If so, these “Dream Snatchers” could be holding you back from achieving your true potential.

These people snatch away your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. They tend to “throw cold water” on them. They have a habit of “bursting bubbles,” and, unfortunately, they are often not aware of it. They don’t realize that they are “Dream Snatchers.”

Such people come out with comments like

“Be realistic.  That’s not the sort of career you should pursue. You will never earn any real money.”

“That’s not the type of job for a woman (or for a man).”

“Don’t waste your time. You will never succeed at that.”

“That is a career that takes years of education and lots of money that you don’t have.”


In other instances “Dream Snatchers” might convey their negativity by such actions as rolling their eyes when you come up with a new idea or when you show enthusiasm for a new project. They might make sarcastic comments like “Oh really?!” or “You can’t be serious” when you suggest a new way of operating or propose a creative solution to a problem.

If your attitude towards pursuing your dreams and aspirations is being negatively impacted by a “Dream Snatcher” take immediate action to rectify the situation.

  1. Recognize who they are.
  2. Stop playing their comments over and over in your head.
  3. Avoid situations where they might have an opportunity to express such opinions.
  4. Avoid all contact with them if at all possible.
  5. Associate with people who are a positive influence on you: people who are encouraging and nurturing.

In conclusion, be aware of the negativity you might have heard or be hearing from others. Believe in your own true potential and go and achieve those goals!!