Thoughts for Leaders and Aspiring Leaders

Thoughts for Leaders and Aspiring Leaders

As a Leader or an aspiring leader, it is important to have a list of tenets or beliefs to which you subscribe. These can become guiding principles for the way you manage your own performance and success and/or the performance and success of members of your team. The following are worth considering. Perhaps there are a few which particularly resonate with you.

1.     If you focus only on the past, you cannot create the future.

2.     If you want to solve a problem, you must first clearly define it.

3.     If you want to change the results you have been achieving, you must start by changing the goals you have been pursuing.

4.     If you want to create your future, you must first imagine what it will be like when you arrive.

5.     If you want to increase your propensity for success, you must first increase your propensity for risk.

6.     If you want to increase your success rate, you must first increase your failure rate.

7.     If you are not hungry, you will not eat.

8.     If you desire a truly big win, you must first start with a truly big want.

9.     If you do not clearly see your targeted goal in your own mind, you will never hit it – and nor will the members of your team.

10.  If you want people to exceed expectations, you must first tell them the expectations to exceed.

11.  If you want to get more out of people, you must start by putting more into them.

12.  If you want people to give you their best, you must demand more of them than they think they can provide.

13.  If you allow mediocre performance, you will get mediocre results.

14.  If you do not reward the behavior you want to have happen, it will not happen.

Managing your personal success is always a challenge, and, even more so, when it is dependent upon ensuring the success of those you are leading.