Think Like a Customer

Think like a Customer

Whether they realize it or not, all people in the workforce can have a distinct impact on the success or failure of the organization in which they work. Each person can affect the positive or negative attitudes and impressions that customers have of that organizations. They can affect whether or not a customer is satisfied with the goods or services they receive and whether or not they will continue to support or buy from that organization in the future.

Most organizations want to provide their customers with a world-class experience. They want their organizations not to just survive. They want the organization to thrive and prosper – and YOU play a really important role in helping the organization to achieve that.

You really can make a difference. No matter what your role is in the organization, you can contribute to your organization providing World-Class Customer Service.

To be and stay the best in the world, it is essential to fully appreciate that each person is important in any organization. Any organization is only as good as the collective skills and efforts of the individuals who work there. Everyone’s role is important. It doesn’t matter whether you are in leadership, customer service, development, finance, administration, security, or maintenance. Everyone is important to the success of the organization.

This means that everyone has to do their part, and everyone has to encourage and support each other if the organization is to deliver world-class customer service. Everyone counts. Everyone can make a difference … positive or negative.

Start thinking like a customer. Appreciate that if you go out of your way to make your customer’s experience pleasant and enjoyable, then that customer is more likely to buy more from the organization and recommend it to other people. Be committed to delivering a level of service above your customers’ expectations: a level of service that will differentiate your organization from the competition. A level of service that your customers will truly remember.

Always remember that your words, your actions, your verbal tone on a telephone call, your facial expressions when meeting someone in-person or on a video call, all affect the way your customers feel about your organization. The extra lengths you go to, no matter what your role, will help to create happy customers.

And why is this important?

If one person says good things about the customer service delivered by your organization, and that one person tells ten other people how good your organization is, and those ten people each tell ten additional people, pretty soon the organization will have significantly more customers. The organization will have grown by hundreds and then thousands of customers.

Of course, the opposite is also true if you provide bad service. You can make or break your organization, and it’s your organization that provides you with a livelihood. Without those customers, the organization has nothing, and may not survive.  With those customers, and even more of them, the organization will not just survive, it will thrive and grow substantially.