The 3 Ps and Rs of Effective Leadership

The 3 Ps and Rs of Effective Leadership

Picking, Prioritizing and Pursuing Goals is an important practice of the effective Leader. Once a team’s goals have been Picked, the Leader needs to ensure that the Priority order of the goals has been effectively communicated to the team and that each team member clearly understands their individual roles and responsibilities in Pursuing those goals.


An effective Leader strives to ensure that they really Reach each team member, communicating to them clearly (and, ideally, visually) exactly what each goals is and what is expected of them.

After this, the Leader should frequently Repeat the definition of the individual goals to each member of the team, ideally, using exactly the same words of definition each time.

Finally, the Leader should not hesitate to Repeatedly repeat the description and definition of the goal to each team member. The objective is to ensure that there is no chance of ambiguity.

By this repeated reinforcement each member of the team will know, and will have no excuse for forgetting exactly what the goal is and the part that they are to play in the achievement of that goal.