Tell Team Exactly What is Expected of Them

Tell Team Exactly What is Expected of Them

Peter Drucker is often referred to as the “Father of Modern Management” and it was Drucker who stated

“Management by objectives works if your associates know the objectives. But 90% of the time they don’t.”

As leaders we are responsible for achieving results, and, unless we tell the people on our team exactly what we want them to achieve, there is little chance that they will be successful in achieving those results.


When team members do not know the goal or are uncertain about it, they have no basis to work together and they will spend their time and effort on tasks and projects that may or may not produce the desired results.

Conversely, when people know the goal and what they are supposed to do to achieve it, they can work together far more effectively to produce the desired results.


Tell your team exactly what is expected of them. Make the goals absolutely clear and unambiguous. Then and only then can you rightly expect the results to be achieved.