Some Basic Home Truths about Customers

Some Basic Home Truths about Customers

Do you ever catch yourself or any of your colleagues criticizing customers? If you do, then consider the following.

Customers are the only reason that your company employs you – no matter what function you fill. Your company’s goal is to find, satisfy, and keep customers, and, by doing so, make a profit.

If your company does not do this well, customers will stop being customers and the company will not make a profit.

Customers are the most important people you come into contact with during your working day whether it be in-person, on the telephone or via email.

The customer relationship is a two way street….where you are both dependent on each other.

Unfortunately, some people seem to act as though customers are an “interruption” to their working day … when in fact customers are the purpose of their working day.

If you ever start to think that you are doing customers a favor by serving them . . . change your mindset. Start to see that the customer is doing you a favor by giving you the opportunity to serve them: an opportunity to provide products, services, or solutions to satisfy their wants and needs. By doing so professionally, we serve both the customer and our companies, enabling both to profit by the experience.