Put Your Mind to Work

Put Your Mind to Work

I try to swim at least two times a week. My swim currently consists of forty lengths. As I swim, I have markers, milestones and mental attitudes on which I focus. I am, literally, talking to myself in my head.

During the first ten lengths, I am thinking that once I get through the ninth length, which will not take too long, then I will be into double digits. Once I start the eleventh length I am thinking that it will not be too long until I have completed twenty lengths and I will be half-way through my swim. At length twenty-one, I am thinking “I have got this. I only have ten of these to do and then I am in the home stretch.”  At length thirty-one, I am telling myself that I am nearly there. Nothing is going to stop me. I need to just focus on touching the wall as I complete length number forty.

So my swim is really a series of little goals that I am actively encouraging myself to achieve in order to successful complete my main goal.

Never under estimate the power of the mind. It can be our friend or our foe. It can have a positive effect on enabling us to complete our goals or, if not trained properly, it can be a hindrance. Being “Goal Oriented” should not be just some glib phrase. True Professionals really mean it when they say they are “Goal Oriented.” They clearly see what they aim to achieve. They develop techniques and processes to better enable them to successfully travel along that path to achievement of their goal. They have learned to use their minds to assist them along that path. They know and can clearly see the final goal but they also need to encourage themselves, psychologically, to achieve each of the mini-goals along the way. They need to be capable of encouraging themselves along the path to ultimate success. They need to have positive thoughts to help them to accept and overcome the challenges that they will inevitably experience along the way to completion of that goal.

Put your mind to work and keep achieving the mini-goals along the way to ensure successful completion of your ultimate goals.