Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness

The most effective people in the workplace appear to have a certain characteristic in common. This characteristic revolves around their utilization of time.

They know where they spend their time. They see time as a limited resource. They, therefore, want to maximize the use of it. They don’t want to waste it.

Such people are committed to spending this precious resource as effectively as possible. They try to make sure that every hour counts. They certainly don’t waste time on activities that they consider to be non-productive.

If you want to improve your own performance, it may be worth considering how effectively you use your own time.

Ask yourself if you really know how you use your time.

Do you consider time a precious but limited resource?

Do you make every effort to ensure that you don’t waste time on unproductive activities or so-called “busy work?”

Do you create a weekly or daily plan of how you are going utilize your time most effectively?

Once you have these answers it will provide a good roadmap to see how you can harness the power of time well spent.