“Negative Self Talk”

“Negative Self-Talk” – Removing the habit

Are you ever conscious of allowing “Negative Self-Talk” to be going around in your head?

All of us have a tendency to do that from time to time.

Some only let these negative self-talk words or phrases enter their minds on a limited number of occasions. Others torture themselves all day long with one negative self-talk after another. Phrases like “I will never amount to much.” “I’m not capable of doing that.” “I don’t have the ability.” “I’m a loser.” “Why do other people always have so much more fun than me.” “Why do bad things always happen to me.” “I hate my job.” “This place really gets me down.”

Those words or phrases can become like a recording that is going round and round in the head. So what are some of the ways that you might overcome this habit of negative self-talk.

One way is to imagine that those negative words and phrases that keep going around in your head are actually an audio recording. What you need to do is to psychologically wipe that recording clean: erase it and completely visualize yourself doing this.

Another action that you could take is to write down the negative words and phrases on a piece of paper. Once you have written them down, then physically tear-up that piece of paper and throw it away it in the garbage. The physical act of discarding the negative words or phrases will reinforce your commitment to eliminate those words and phrases from your thoughts.

Then what you need to do is replace those negative words and phrases with “Positive Self-Talk.” Those are words or phrases that revitalize you, engender positive thinking, and raise your aspirations. Those are words or phrases like, “I’m capable of doing this.” “I’m made for success.” “Nothing is going to stop me.” “I’m going to enjoy this no matter how hard it may seem.” “I’ve got this.” “I’m a winner.”

If you get into the habit of Positive Self-Talk you will improve both your happiness and your success.