Life can be just like my chicken

Life can be just like my chicken

I was recently preparing to heat-up a pre-cooked piece of chicken in the microwave. Before putting it in the microwave, I thought how nice it looked. The smooth skinless meat looked very appetizing. However, when I took the heated chicken out of the oven, I turned it over on to my plate only to notice how unattractive the opposite side looked. It looked wrinkled with ridges. It was not smooth and succulent looking like the other side.

Nevertheless, I went ahead and started to eat it. The chicken was very enjoyable.


This made me think that this piece of chicken was so reminiscent of our everyday lives.

Most of us judge other people based on how appealing they appear to be whether it be in their looks, the clothes they wear, or in their apparent personality. Yet, if, when we first meet them, we only see their less outwardly pleasing side, we tend to almost instinctively reject or avoid them. We don’t give them a chance.


Often, the reality is that, rather like my piece of chicken, most people have an appealing and a not so appealing side. Also, like my chicken, if we give people a chance: if we take the time to listen and share with them, we will often find that, like my chicken, they are enjoyable. They are well worth the effort.

Don’t be put-off by the not so nice looking side of the chicken.