Improving Your Communications

Improving Your Communications

In today’s society, one of the greatest sources of misunderstandings is often the failure of one person to communicate effectively with another. Communication failure is often a real problem and can bring about so much hurt and pain. This is particularly so in the workplace but also in our homes.

Human beings frequently fail to be clear in what they say or in what they write. Good communication requires that you be clear. Describe exactly what you mean. Avoid generalities. In fact, try to be absolutely specific.

Essentially, to be a good communicator you need to ensure that you are “to the point” in whatever you say or write.

A good rule to follow is that you should always say or write precisely what you have to communicate and nothing more. Always try to cut-out extraneous facts and long explanations.

Another useful tip is to avoid using a long word if a small one will do.

Don’t try to impress people with long words because you think it makes you look smarter.

Always remember that your goal is to communicate “effectively.”