Forget About Images from the Past

Forget About Images from the Past

Some years ago, I met someone who had attended the same school as me. He was about three or four years below me. He told me that he remembered me at school as a very accomplished rugby player and athlete.

However, he also shared with me that he had always had the impression that I was this “giant of a guy.” He recalled me as being tall and muscular. He then went on to say that he now sees that I am only of average height and of normal build. His view of me was one gained when he was much younger, smaller, and, of course, more impressionable.

How many images do we all have of someone or something that is based solely on our perspective from many years ago? How often have most of us failed to adjust our own perspectives to today’s world: to the realities of who we are today. Many of us still have the image of ourselves that might be outdated: an image that is no longer a reality. Just as this can be an “overblown” image of ourselves so also can it be that many of us see ourselves in a less than favorable light because of things in the past: things that have been said about us or perceptions that we have had of ourselves. In many instances, we fail to realize the potential that we have today. Therefore, we fail to be as ambitious or “go getting” as we could be. We are held back by our outdated thoughts, perceptions and images of who we are and what we could possibly be.

Forget about images from the past. Focus on the image of what you can be: What you want to be. Focus on the potential that you have inside of you. Don’t let anything hold you back.