Emotional Control

Emotional Control

Do you ever feel compelled to say something to someone because their words or actions have greatly annoyed or offended you? Do you feel a pit in your stomach that makes you believe that the only way to relieve it is by lashing out with angry or mean words?

Getting cross or angry in the workplace (or in the home) is not very professional. Professionals act with dignity. They use common sense and apply good taste. They make every effort to avoid losing their temper. They avoid getting angry or acting in a mean manner. The true professional also steers clear of using profanities, and foul or crude language.

It takes self-control to be a true professional. So if you ever feel compelled to retaliate with harsh or angry words take 10 seconds (or triple that amount if necessary) to calm down: to think it through. Consider the potential impact or consequences of what you feel “compelled” to say or do. Ask yourself if you will really feel better after you have “exploded” at someone. Ask yourself what will be the outcome: what will be the consequences.

Remember that true Professionals always exercise emotional control.