Doubt is the Killer

Doubt is the Killer

What’s holding you back from following your dreams?

Most people want to achieve success in some form or another. They want to follow their dreams. However, most people fail to even take the first step towards achieving their dream. They think about it and then “Doubt” sets-in.

They doubt their own abilities: their own intelligence, their own stamina. They doubt whether they are being realistic. They start to convince themselves that it’s going to be too difficult. They tell themselves that they could never make the time available: that the commitment is impossible. They think that somebody like them could never be in that position. They doubt that they could achieve such a lofty goal. It doesn’t seem logical. It’s beyond the realms of possibility for them.

All of these types of thoughts start to go through their mind … and they are defeated before they have even started!

If this happens to you – do the unthinkable. Stop being totally logical. Stop doubting. Start thinking of ALL the reason why it could work out. Get rid of the doubt. Start believing in yourself: in your capabilities, in your worthiness, in your intelligence, in your stamina, in your strength of mind, in your strength of body.

Know that you can do it – take that first step.

And remember “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”