Don’t let Disappointment Dash your Hopes

Don’t let Disappointment Dash your Hopes

Some years ago, my wife and I were looking to purchase a property and had found one that we thought was perfect. We made an offer on it but our offer was not accepted. We were, of course, very disappointed. We thought that it would have been “perfect” for us.

A few weeks later, we visited another property in the same development. This time we were successful in purchasing it. However, in the course of the purchase process, we were delighted, and somewhat surprised, to realize that this property had many significant advantages over the first property we had hoped to purchase. It was, in fact, much more suitable to our needs. It really was perfect.


It is a natural human tendency to become disappointed when we don’t get something that we are convinced that we really want: something that we think is “perfect” for us. This applies whether we are going after a property, a new job, or even a romantic relationship. Disappointment inevitably sets in if we are not successful in securing what we think we really want or need.

However, the reality is that, very often, something much better is just “around the corner.” We just have to give it a chance to happen.

Life is like that. Give it time to happen.

Don’t let disappointment dash your hopes.