Don’t be a “Limitation Thinker”

Don’t be a “Limitation Thinker”

If you want to achieve your full potential, you need to avoid “Limitation Thinking.” People who are plagued with this are those who build invisible and impenetrable mental boundaries around themselves.

This often occurs to those who have experienced other people saying things to them that has resulted in them failing to believe in themselves. They build fences around themselves, around their aspirations, and around their beliefs regarding who they are and what they can achieve. Essentially, they become “Limitation Thinkers:” people with an immovable mental barrier that limits their possibilities and their potential.

Think about a dog when it encounters one of those invisible radio-controlled fences that keep dogs in a yard? When the dog strays near the invisible fence, it gets an electric jolt and jumps back. In time, the fence doesn’t even have to be turned on to work because once jolted, the dog never forgets—the memory of the jolt remains.

People are the same in this respect. Once they perceive a limitation, they tend to remember it unwaveringly. Without deliberate effort, it is very difficult for them to go beyond a limitation once it gets into their long-term memory.

So what is a solution if you find yourself a “Limitation Thinker?”

The first stage in winning the battle is the fact that you have recognized that you have become a “Limitation Thinker.”

The second stage is to make a determined effort to overcome the problem by doing everything in your power not to let that limitation thinking hold you back. You have to psychologically overcome the past experience that has limited your belief in your own ability to achieve your true potential.

Remember the dog that stays away from the electric fence even if there is no longer any electricity flowing through it. Get over the psychological hurdle. Be determined to cross that fence. Don’t let anything or anybody hold you back.

Go for it!