Commit to be more Open-Minded

Commit to be more Open-Minded

A member of my family was recently expressing their apprehension about going to a holiday event. They thought that the person responsible for organizing the event had made a dreadful mistake in the choice of venue. However, they felt obligated to attend but expected the event to be abysmal.

The event has subsequently been held and it was a resounding success. The venue turned out to be excellent and the whole evening was most enjoyable according to my relative.

Isn’t this so often typical of life?

Many of us pre-judge decisions that are made by others. We fear and dread events, meetings, and, in fact, sometimes any type of “happening” where we feel obligated to attend. Yet, they so often turn-out to be the opposite of our expectations.

Wouldn’t our lives be so much more enjoyable if we were open to accept and explore the unknown: if we were more open to change: more adventurous.

Maybe this year we might resolve to be more open-minded. Maybe we might be more determined to explore the opportunities for change instead of spending our time dreading the unknown.

Maybe we might try to be less close-minded and approach life with a sense of wonderment.