Being in the Present

Being in the Present

Those who practice Professionalism and are Peak Performers tend to be very goal-oriented. They have written goals and their brains tend to filter out anything that is not going to assist them in achieving those goals.

This filtering process results in them focusing only on those things that are going to have a positive impact on the achievement of those goals. They are “go getters.” They focus on what needs to be done each day to help them progress towards goal achievement.

However, just like athletes, these highly-focused, goal-oriented people need to discipline themselves to take time-out each day. They need to practice being “in the present.” This is essential if they really want to optimize their performance. They need to have a period of time each day when they step off the “treadmill of their focused life” and “take in the present.”

They need to look – to really look at those things around them that they routinely take for granted throughout their busy, goal-focused days. They need to look at the people, the places, and the objects that surround them. They need to take-in the shapes, the sounds, the colors, and the rhythm of all that is around them.

They need to “be in the present.”

Being “in the present” for a period of time each day – no matter how short it is – will pay significant dividends. It will further energize the person, enabling the true Professional to achieve even greater heights of performance.