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We help people and organizations set and achieve goals. We help you understand what you can achieve and provide the tools and resources to show you how:


 10 Best Tips

  • 10 Best Tips for Getting a JOB-A trusty guide with proven strategies for staying on track and finding the job you want. Short and easy-to-read, yet jam-packed with the key information, techniques, and insider tips you need to know, for today's improving but highly competitive job market!  (The August 2013 unemployment rate decreased, when compared to the previous month, to 7.3%).

We produce and provide crisp, clearly-written, time-proven materials (books and 'Train-the-Facilitator' Training Kits) for organizations that want to present our seminars themselves ... and individuals who personally desire advancement.


The Institute also offers

speaking services

and seminar facilitators.

We created our Keep It Simple for Success® book series to provide high quality content in a short, easy-to-understand format.

Our training kits are high-quality, fresh, and unique. They are based upon the content and methods expressed in our books.

  • Peak Performance & World-Class Customer Service          ALL NEW, REVISED PROGRAMS!

    - Full-Day (8-Hours PLUS)

    - Half-Day (4-Hours)

    - 90-Minute Presentation  (easily    customized to three 30-minute sessions)

    - 30-Minute Keynote Presentation

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We write and publish books, methods, posters, and resource tools for individuals and teams.

These books provide practical and valuable techniques you can understand and apply immediately.

  • The Anacondas in Life - how to overcome negativity in the workplace and in your life

  • ABCs for Life - look up your initials in this book to learn your special success traits

  • Temporarily out of print

Soar . . . If You Dare - original hardcopy book of 10 'time-tested' success principles.



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AIG American General

American Bankers Association

American Cancer Society

American Red Cross


Blue Cross Blue Shield-Arkansas



Department of Homeland Security


Freddie Mac

Georgia Tech University

Internal Revenue Service

Johnson & Johnson


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Kaiser Permanente

Kraft Foods



Merrill Lynch

New England College of Medicine

Ohio State University School of Business

Penske Truck Leasing


Publix Supermarkets


University of Southern California

U.S. Department of Treasury

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

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