The GoalXpress™ Goal Planner

The GoalXpress™
Goal Planner


  • ISBN: 1-887570-16-0
  • The GoalXpress™ Goal Planner (the “Planner”) is an easy to use and highly effective tool for brainstorming, organizing, planning, evaluating, and selecting goals to pursue.

Product Description

You can use the Planner to review past accomplishments, brainstorm goal ideas, list goal possibilities, sort them into meaningful categories, and then prioritize and select important goals to pursue.

The Planner comes with instructions, examples, tips, and several free reports to help you successfully identify and pick goals that will make a difference in your life and the lives of those you care about.

Free Bonus Reports

  • Bonus 1: Illustrated Goal Ideas
  • Bonus 2: 10 Reasons Individuals Do Not Achieve Their Goals
  • Bonus 3: 25 Dos and Don’ts for Achieving Your Goals
  • Bonus 4: GOALS: The Five Keys to Achieving Your Goals