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using the book, Professionalism Is for Everyone include many hospitals, medical colleges and universities, and others in the field of healthcare and medicine.

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Professionalism Is for Everyone

Five Keys to Being A True Professional ... in healthcare!

It's a given, right?  Everyone associated with healthcare is a professional.  After all ... time, finances, and other resources were spent to be trained, certified, accredited, and earn various degrees. 

However, we know not everyone in healthcare is professional ... and for a variety of reasons.  Below are a number of reminders and tips on professionalism for nurses, technicians, physicians, administrators, specialists, and others in the medical and healthcare fields.

Nurses are often considered the backbone of the medical care-giver community.  Most nurses do everything they can to be their best.  It is in this spirit of pressing for excellence that The Goals Institute provides the following information.

Just about everyone can use a reminder or refresher message about what it means to be a professional.   Each of us can find a point or two to polish our professional behavior.

We developed the ideas below based upon:

  • The principles in our most-popular guidebook Professionalism Is for Everyone

  • Feedback obtained and observed from nurses, physicians, technicians, and others in the field of medicine and healthcare during our seminars

  • Input from medical and healthcare providers who have purchased our books and provided our seminars to the people in their organizations

Undoubtedly, each of us can learn a thing or two, right now, to polish your professionalism?  See for yourself.

Check out the Professionalism Reminders & Tips below. Also see our 30 Question True/False Quick Test near the bottom of this page.

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These tips and
reminders are based
upon the book,


Is for Everyone















We compiled the list below as reminders and tips for nurses to consider on their quest for excellence. Look over the list and see how many of these statements you agree with and how many describe you.

  1. A professional nurse takes pride in her work, skills, knowledge, appearance, and reputation.

  2. A professional nurse strives for excellence in all aspects of her work and life.

  3. A professional nurse does not settle for mediocrity or do just enough to get by; "good enough" never is.

  4. A professional nurse always does a little extra, always something postivie that was not expected.

  5. A professional nurse understands that being a professional extends beyond work and applies to all aspects of life.

  6. A professional nurse does not lie or mislead individuals in any way.

  7. A professional nurse does not gossip or spread rumors.

  8. A professional nurse does not spend time at work on personal matters.

  9. A professional nurse is always polite, kind, and respectful.

  10. A professional nurse says please and thank you.

  11. A professional nurse does her job and completes her assignments on time and without complaining.

  12. A professional nurse offers suggestions and takes steps to improve business and nursing care processes, procedures, and techniques.

  13. A professional nurse looks sharp, clean, and well groomed.

  14. A professional nurse does not just throw himself together and rush off to work; he takes time for personal grooming and time to press his clothes before going to work.

  15. A professional nurse does what is the right thing to do regardless of what others are doing or may say.

  16. A professional nurse helps others learn their jobs and do their work.

  17. A professional nurse maintains the confidentiality of patients and their information.

  18. A professional nurse is a good listener and pays attention when others are speaking.

  19. A professional nurse is compassionate.

  20. A professional nurse is dependable; he does what he says he will do or is asked to do.

  21. A professional nurse does not swear or use foul language.

  22. A professional nurse learns how to be effective and manage her time well.

  23. A professional nurse is a positive 'can-do' individual.

  24. A professional nurse does not complain, gripe, or whine about challenges, setbacks, and other obstacles that may come his way.

  25. A professional nurse is a team player and does what she can to improve team performance and help others succeed.

  26. A professional nurse does not lose his temper and speak or act in an angry or violent manner.

  27. A professional nurse knows and abides by the nursing and other codes of conduct and ethical rules and guidelines that have been established.

  28. A professional nurse arrives for work on time and is usually a little early.

  29. A professional nurse is a continual learner and is always taking steps to learn more and develop additional skills.

  30. A professional nurse is forthright; she does not exaggerate or conceal facts and she does not mislead others in any way.

  31. A professional nurse admits his mistakes and learns from them; he does not blame others or make excuses.

  32. A professional nurse keeps her word.

  33. A professional nurse understands that his image matters and reflects his personal pride and the pride and brand of the organization he represents.

  34. A professional nurse dresses appropriately, complies with a dress code if one exists, and avoids clothing or adornments that would be considered in poor or questionable taste.

  35. A professional nurse does not wear excessive cologne or makeup.

  36. A professional nurse seeks out new responsibilities and personal growth opportunities.

  37. A professional nurse does not try to bully or intimidate.

  38. A professional nurse does not talk negatively about others or the organization that employs him.

  39. A professional nurse acknowledges people and respects their views and opinions.

  40. A professional nurse understands that the needs of patients are not an interruption to her work; rather the needs of patients are the core of what nursing is all about.

  41. A professional nurse is always aware of her responsibilities to the family members of     the patient.  Often, just like the patient, family members are scared and confused, and look to the professional nurse as a source of both information and comfort.



Did you find a tip or two you can polish and improve?

Most individuals who read the Reminders & Tips list tell us that while they are doing most of the things on the list, there is an item or two they can polish or improve upon to advance their professional behavior.

One person, a seasoned professional of many years who supervises a medical healthcare team, said she was surprised to note a couple of items she had been overlooking. "Some of the items on the list hit home," she said. "It was hard to read those words and not think about what they mean."

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Your Feedback is Encouraged!

Do you have comments on any of the 40 points listed in Reminders & Tips?

  • Do you have any questions?

  • Do you disagree with any item listed?

  • Would you like us to add something to the list?

Please send us your comments. We would like to hear from you.

Please tell us who you are and what your background and experiences are in nursing and related fields.

Please Email Us.

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Are You a Leader, Manager, or Teacher in Nursing?

If so, visit 3 Steps for Inspiring Professionalism in Your Organization to read about our suggested 3-step framework for nurturing a professional culture. On this page you will also find many tips and techniques for teaching and inspiring professionalism.

Also, you may be interested in our 'Train-the-Facilitator' tools and resources so that you can help others in your healthcare organization become more complete professionals.

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Like to Advance in Your Nursing Career?

Visit How to Get the Most Out of Your Career in Healthcare to learn more about:

  • The book Professionalism Is for Everyone and apply its principles and techniques

  • Why the book was written.

  • How The Goals Institute gathered input from others and developed the Five Keys for Being a True Professional framework
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True/False test

Professionalism Quick Test      


Just how professional are you?

Try our 30 Question Quick Test and see how you do.

This is a general test for all audiences; does not pertain just to nurses.

  • Stimulate your thinking and test your professionalism skills

  • 30 True or False questions

  • Check yourself and and polish your professionalism

  • Share this test with colleagues and friends in any field.
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Professionalism Is for Everyone
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Professionalism really is for everyone, this includes nurses, doctors, and everyone else in the medical field.

This book describes five keys that set professionals apart from everyone else. It provides a solid framework for promoting high values and excellence.

Chocked full of examples of professional behavior and not-so-professional behavior. A must read for every nurse who wants to make the most of his or her career. Includes 10 Rules of Professionalism.

This book will help you:

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  • Pursue excellence in nursing and be your best

  • Teach others what it means to be a professional nurse

  • Correct behavior that you observe that is not professional

  • Promote a culture of high values and standards in your hospital, office, department, and organization

  • Inspire excellence in all aspects of your work and life

  • Establish and reinforce a professional approach by others


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